Software design and development

Software development can be done in a number of different ways. We prefer agile development methodologies. Agile development focuses on producing working software, having frequent communication between all parties involved in the development project and rapid responses to changes in the needs. Often, the aim is to release the software under development in working parts, for example every few weeks. Longer release cycles are avoided in order to get the product to the real-world customers more quickly. This allows important feedback to be gathered during the development process and the product to be brought to market faster than competitors.

What do we expect of a customer?

Active communication and transparency are prerequisites for a successful software project. It is important that the customer is also involved in the development process, from the initial requirements definition to the completion of development and release of the final product. This also allows the customer to follow the progress of the project, to hear about successes or potential challenges and to make suggestions for improvements to the release versions of the software. Active participation also speeds up and facilitates the development process itself, thereby reducing development costs.

What are the development services we offer?

We offer agile software design and development for web and mobile applications. Our toolkit includes technologies such as:

  • Rust
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Node.JS
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • Various JavaScript-based frameworks such as React, Svelte and Angular

In public cloud services, our strength is Amazon Web Services (AWS). The technologies familiar from web applications can also be used in mobile solutions.

How is the price of a software project determined?

The main factors that determine the price of a project are its scope, development method and level of challenge. Scale and complexity determine the choice of development team members. The more challenging or larger the project is, the more important it is to select a team of so-called senior developers, i.e. developers with a broad experience base. Smaller and simpler projects, on the other hand, can be handled by a junior team. Price is also affected by the use of rare technologies - some technologies have far fewer experts on the market. This in turn increases the hourly cost of a developer.

The method of development determines how the software project is implemented. Agile development allows prioritization of software features using information gathered from users during the testing phases. It is then possible to quickly see which features are really useful to the user. At the same time, additional features that sounded good at the design stage but turned out to be unnecessary are removed from the project price tag.

Our hourly rate for a software developer starts at 80€/h + VAT. A rough budget of around 30 000€ should be set aside when starting to build the first release version of the new software.

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Software maintenance and further development

Almost all software require some kind of maintenance. Software maintenance ensures the timeliness, availability and security of the software. Careful maintenance prevents, for example, cases where the software is unable to handle an error state or where a potential security vulnerability is discovered. Maintenance can also include fixing bugs or introducing new features to the software. Software is an important investment for a company and proper maintenance extends the life of the software developed.

What kind of software maintenance do we offer?

Our professional developers and system experts tailor the maintenance to the customer's needs and the needs of the software solution. We use modern tools for monitoring software status, fault management and ensuring data security.

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System and application integrations

Various integrations allow data to flow smoothly from one software to another. This means that once data has been created, it can be used on multiple platforms and made available to different business units. At their best, system integrations eliminate the possibility of incorrect entries, reduce manual work and streamline business processes, creating new opportunities and competitiveness for the business.

What kind of integration services do we offer?

We provide our clients with application and system integration design and implementation services. It is important for us to have a deep understanding of our clients' business processes. This enables us to implement smart integration solutions that deliver the most value to our customers. Our software developers ensure that integrations are implemented securely and efficiently, tailoring them to our customers' specific needs.

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