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We are your new software development partner with the courage and willingness to make your vision a reality. We will help you from the software requirements definition process to deployment and maintenance. We want to be present and walk with our customers through the development journey of a new product or system. We have worked on several software projects and have concrete experience in the field.

We constantly stay on the cutting edge of knowledge.

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Web- and mobile applications

We excel at designing and implementing a variety of web services and integrations. Front-end and back-end technologies are the bread and butter of Kvanttori. We strive for maintainability and scalability in our solutions.

We are familiar with technologies such as React, Angular, Svelte, TypeScript, Node.JS and MongoDB.

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Svelte code on monitor
Svelte code on monitor

Mobile applications

Our expertise in web development can easily be applied to mobile development. Your application could be implemented with React Native, for example. At the same time, we can help you publish your app on different app store platforms.

Mobile phone on persons hand
Mobile phone on persons hand

Our customers

What our customers tell about us

"The communication with Kvanttori has worked best and we have found a common language for development. This has enabled us to deliver the expected functionality on the first try. "

Johannes Mäenpää, Technical Director

"Our cooperation has worked well and Kvanttori has become a long-term development partner for us. Kvanttori has taken a genuine interest in our product and its development and has actively sought to adapt to our current development team. "

Jonas Lemberg, Product Owner

"As a coworking community, our main priority is to provide the best solutions for the everyday life of companies and the quality of work of the people in the building. Kvanttori understood this from the planning stage and implemented our digital services with strong professionalism."

Petter Larsen, CEO

Technologies we like to use in our work

Shortage of a development team or a specialist in a particular technology?

We step in when your project needs a technology specialist or even a whole development team. Our professional staff can help you bring your IT project to the finish line, both in terms of project management and development.

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